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pull up a chair

pull up a chair

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  1. Kathleen;
    Still sorting it out. There should have been a ‘submit’ button under the Captcha. Almost there. Not sure what I can do without sending you the file. I assume a .docx or pdf would work. Let me know.

  2. It wasn’t clear to me what I was supposed to do after clicking on the correct pictures and saying that I wasn’t a robot. Will I see the other chapters from MarieAnne on the screen from your website or do they have to be downloaded onto my computer? I don’t like downloads.

    • Sorry for the confusion. I’ll try to sort it out. As a beta reader, I will send you Book I in any format you wish. Did you click on the “I want to be a beta reader” button? If so, it should have sent me a notice. Then I would establish email contact and find which format you preferred and send the file to you. Still working out the kinks. Bear with me. Any preference – docx, docs, epub, mobi,??? Fun meeting you. Thanks.

      • Yes, I went through the process several times, starting with clicking on I Want to Be a Betareader. I don’t know the difference among the various formats you mentioned. Can I read the chapters on the screen without downloading them onto my hard drive?

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